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Dual Ch (T) Rakaaz Just One Look TSDX ET

Multi V rated
Call name: Syrah
Born 29/6/05
Hips 3:1 Elbows R0/L0

Syrah has now passed the Dogs Victoria Therapy Dog test, and is participating in the therapy program.

September 2011: Syrah passes her final test, a night urban track for her Track Search Dog Excellent!

Syrah won V1 Australian Bred Bitch and Australian Bred in Show at the Rottweiler Club of NSW Champ Show. Judge Fernando Lucas Martins (Portugal)

Susie, Judge Fernando Lucas Martins (Portugal), Proplan rep Katrina and Syrah


Photo Kate Metcalfe

syrah syrah
syrah Syrah obtained her Tracking Dog title at the age of 14 months,

and July 2007 obtained her Tracking Dog Excellent, and Tracking Champion titles, aged 2 years and 2 weeks old.

All 3 tracking titles were achieved with straight passes.
Photo Kate Metcalfe

Specialty Results:

  • February 2012 - V6 Aust Bred Bitch Rottweiler Club of Victoria. Judge: Alfredo Estrada-Santiago (FCI Mexico)
  • October 2011 - V Aust Bred Bitch, 21st Rottweiler National. Judge: Olga Grin (Russia)
  • February 2011 - V7 Open Bitch, Rottweiler Club of Victoria. Judge: Mike Jackman (Canada)
  •  April 2010 - Open Bitch,  20th Rottweiler National hosted by the NDRC Champ Show. Judge  Herr Paul Dieter Viehoff (Germany)
  • March 2010 - V4 Open Bitch  RCNSW Champ Show. Judge:  Massimiliano Mannucci (Italy)
  • February 2010 - V6 Aust Bred Bitch  RCV Champ Show. Judge: Inge Erbestaller - Austria
  • November 2009 - SG Aust Bred Bitch RCV Champ Show. Judge: Werner Walter (ADRK Germany)
  • February 2009 - V7 Open Bitch  RCV Champ Show Judge: Louise Russell (Aust)
  • RCNSW Championship Show April 2007 - V1 Aust Bred Bitch and Aust Bred In Show (Fernando Lucas Martins - Portugal)
  • August 2008 - V6 Aust Bred Bitch 18th Rottweiler National Champ Show Judge: Gergana Atanassova - Belgium
  • June 2008 - V Open Bitch RCSA Champ Show Judge: Gabor Haas (Hungary)
  • November 2007 - V10 Aust Bred Bitch RCV Champ Show Judge: Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium)
  • October 2007 - V3 Intermediate Bitch RCNSW Champ Show Judge: Willem Peters - Netherlands
  • June 2007 - V5 Intermediate Bitch 17th Rottweiler National Champ Show (Gerard O'Shea - Sweden)
  • NDRC Championship Show April 2007 - V7 Intermediate Bitch (Steve Wolfson - USA)
  • RCNSW Championship Show April 2007 - V6 Intermediate Bitch (Herr Edgar Hellmann - ADRK)
  • RCV Championship Show March 2007 - SG Intermediate Bitch (Herr Helmut Weiler - ADRK)
  • RCV Championship Show November 2006 - SG Junior Bitch (Tommie Bezuidenhout- South Africa)
  • RCNSW Championship Show September 2006 - SG2 Junior Bitch (Chantal Delafontaine - Belgium)
  • NDRC Championship Show September 2006 - V2 Junior Bitch (Hetje Lashley-Harmsma- Netherlands)
  • RCQ Championship Show July 2006 - V2 Junior Bitch (Kerryn O'Brien - South Australia)
  • RCQ Championship Show July 2006 - SG1 Junior Bitch & Junior in Show (Anthony Marsh - New Zealand)
  • RCSA Championship Show June 2006 - VP3 Puppy Bitch (Frans Schaaf - Netherlands)
  • NDRC Championship Show April 2006 - VP1 Puppy Bitch & Puppy in Show (Carla Romanelli Lensi- Italy)
  • RCNSW Championship Show April 2006 - VP1 & Reserve Challenge Puppy Bitch (Pedro Pujals Prat- Spain)
  • RCV Championship Show March 2006 - VP6 Minor Puppy Bitch (Paul Hans Zangerl- Switzerland)
  • National Rottweiler Championship Show October 2005 - VP3 Baby Puppy Bitch (Josef Mravik - Slovakia) 

October 2008 : "3 years. Correct & full dentition. Medium to large size. Very good substance & bone. Very good head. Very good stop. Medium to dark brown eyes. Mouth pigment pink and dark. Very good stop. Correct ears. Strong neck. Correct front. Very good top and bottom line. Very good angulation front & rear. Strong legs. Correct coat. Very good colour. Good movement, good reach and drive. Very good topline on move."
V1- Aust Bred Bitch and Aust Bred in Show. Judge: Fernando Lucas Martins - Portugal. 

September 2006 : "15 months old female, very good proportions in the body, harmonious, medium to tall, attentive, nice powerful female expression, powerful skull, small ears well set and well worn, dark brown eyes, very well defined stop, well filled muzzle, pink pigmentation in the mouth, lips dark could be tighter, wll developed forechest, stands correctly in the front, deep chest well proportioned, powerful neck, well attached shoulder blades, elbows tight against the body, very good topline, powerful thighs, very good angulation in the front and the rear, stands straight behind, markings are well defined of pure warm colour. Free harmonious movement."
SG2 - Junior Bitch. Judge: Chantal Delafontaine (Belgium).

April 2006 : "9 months, very good head, very good muzzle, medium brown eyes, scissor bite, full dentition, ears well carried, very good pigment, very good coat, very good chest, very good neck, very good top/bottom lines, good front & rear angulation, very good movement, excellent presentation."
VP1 - Puppy Bitch and Reserve Challenge. Judge: Pedro Pujals Prat (Spain). 

J girls

Syrah & her litter sisters aged 20 months

Pedigree of: T. Ch. Rakaaz Just One Look
 Vom Hause Zillas Arkon(Imp Dmk)
Int Ch Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch Sch 111 IPO 111 BH AD
Int Ch Rick Von Burgthann SchH3 AD BH IPO3 Gekort Ch & Int Ch Doc v.d. Teufelsbrucke BH AD ZTP FH SchH 3 Gekort
Hope von Burgthann BH ZTP Sch H 1
Evi Von Der Crossener Ranch Sch 1 ADBH ZTP Astor vom Pfaffenberg Sch 1 BH
Bia Von Der Crossener Ranch Sch 1 BH
Elmediges Rotte
Fjord Bakkens Greif Gauner von Klein-Vach
Blanka vom Godewind Sch 111 AD
Elmediges Goldie York vom Hohenhameln Sch 111 IPO 111
Elmediges Kismet
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Ch Beaverbrook Duke V Boss Imp USA Am Ch Boss of Hales Hollow CD
Am Ch Beaverbrook Jerrin V Bruin
Ch Westobri Kriba Fronnie (A) Aust Ch Heimgardes Baron Von Smutley
Aust Ch Saarlund Quanabie Mist
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