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NRCA Ch & Dual Ch (T) Rakaaz Grenache TSDX PT

Multi V Rated & Multi V1
Call name: Dharma
Born 15/5/01
Hips 2:3. Elbows R0 /L0 
Owners A & C White

Sincere condolences to Chris & Tony White on the tragic loss of Dharma & Trek, taken before their time. Farewell beautiful girl, may you be tracking some magnificent paddocks up there with your mother Rasa.

 rakaaz grenache

April 2010:   Dharma obtains her Tracking Search Dog Excellent (TSDX) title, the first Rottweiler in Australia to do so! Her father Polo obtained his  the same day. Go Dharma! Congrats to Chris & Tony.

August 2009: At the age of 8 years  Dharma obtains her Tracking Search Dog (TSD) title, the first Rottweiler in Australia to do so! Her father Polo obtained his later the same day. Congrats to Chris & Tony.

Specialty Results:

  •  February 2011 - V1  Veteran Bitch Rottweiler Club of Victoria. Judge: Mike Jackman (Canada)
  • June 2010 - V3   Veteran  Bitch RCSA Champ Show. Judge Hans Paul Zangerl (Switzerland)
  • February 2010 - V4 Veteran Bitch  RCV Champ Show. Judge: Inge Erbestaller - Austria
  • April 2009 - V1 Veteran Bitch 19th Rottweiler National hosted by the RCNSW Champ Show. Judge: Helmut Weiler - Germany
  • February 2009 - V3 Veteran Bitch  RCV Champ Show Judge: Louise Russell (Aust)
  • November 2008 - V1  Veteran Bitch RCV Champ Show. Judge: Uwe Petermann ADRK - Germany
  • June 2008 - V2 Veteran Bitch RCSA Champ Show Judge: Gabor Haas (Hungary)
  • March 2008 - V Open Bitch RCV Champ Show Judge: Elena Kholevina (Russia)
  • June 2007 - SG Open Bitch 17th Rottweiler National Champ Show Judge: Gerard O'Shea - Sweden
  • RCV Championship Show March 2007 - V Open Bitch  (Herr Helmut Weiler - ADRK)
  • RCV Championship Show November 2006 - V Open Bitch (Tommie Bezuidenhout- South Africa)
  • RCNSW Championship Show September 2006 - SG Open Bitch (Chantal Delafontaine - Belgium)
  • NDRC Championship Show September 2006 - V1 Open Bitch (Hetje Lashley-Harmsma- Netherlands)
  • RCQ Championship Show July 2006 - V4 Open Bitch (Kerryn O'Brien - Australia)
  • RCQ Championship Show July 2006 - V3 Open Bitch (Anthony Marsh - New Zealand)
  • RCSA Championship Show June 2006 - V3 Open Bitch (Frans Schaaf - Netherlands)
  • NDRC Championship Show April 2006 - V4 Open Bitch (Carla Romanelli Lensi- Italy)
  • RCNSW Championship Show April 2006 - V4 Open Bitch (Pedro Pujals Prat- Spain)
  • RCV Championship Show March 2006 - SG Open Bitch (Paul Hans Zangerl- Switzerland)
  • National Rottweiler Championship Show October 2005 - V4 Open Bitch (Josef Mravik - Slovakia)
  • NDRC Championship Show September 2005 - V Open Bitch (Fernando Martens - Portugal)
  • RCSA Championship Show 2005 - V Open Bitch, (Gabrielle Wodak - Austria) 
  • NDRC Championship Show March 2005 - V3 Open Bitch, (Harry Meister- Switzerland)
  • RCV Championship Show March 2005 - V6 Open Bitch, (Chris Pretorius- South Africa)
  • NDRC Championship Show September 2004 - V2 Open Bitch, (Bianka Miksic-Casun- Croatia)
  • RCV Championship Show October 2003 - V4 Aust Bred Bitch, (Roberta Veale - Sth Australia) 
  • 2001 RCSA Championship Show:VP4 Baby Puppy Bitch Judge Yvonne Van Der Horst (NT)
  • 2001 RCV Breed Exhibition:VP3 Baby Puppy Bitch Judge Tommie Bezuidenhout (South Africa)
September 2004 : "3 years, complete scissor bite, friendly and alert, middle large, middle strong bones, very nice type, dry strong forehead, middle large ears good set, left ear could be carried somewhat better, good stop, brown eyes, somewhat closely set, good cheeks, could have better fill under eyes, good muzzle, excellent pigmentation of lips and gums, beautiful neck, dry, excellent proportion of chest and forechest, excellent backline and croup, correct angles, very good coat, markings of brown color, should be somewhat darker and richer and better defined all over. Good muscles in rear legs, free movement.
Excellent - V2.                        Judge: Bianka Miksic-Kasun (Croatia)

Pedigree of: Dual Ch (T) Rakaaz Grenache
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