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Aust Ch Rakaaz Nara Finesse (A) ET

V1 & Multi V Rated
Call name: Ella
Born 15/12/99
Hips: 3:3 Elbows: R0/L1
Owned by Vikki Farago

Many thanks to Vikki for very kindly allowing us to breed from Ella twice, most of what we have today is a descendant of her and for that we are very grateful.

Rest in peace darling Ella, you will never be forgotten.



Specialty Results:

  • RCV Championship Show Oct 2003 - V1 Aust Bred Bitch (Roberta Veale - Sth Australia)
  • RCSA Championship Show June 2003 - V7 rated Open Bitch (David Lower- Sth Africa) 
  • RCV Breed Exhibition October 2000 - V2 Intermediate Bitch (Carina Ranne - Finland)
  • RCV Championship Show Feb 2000 - VP1 Junior Bitch & Junior in Show (Susan Rademacher - USA)
  • RCV Breed Exhibition October 1999 - VP1 Puppy Bitch & Puppy in Show (Chris Pretorius -Sth Africa) 

Ella's Critique's:
October 2000: 22 months. Nearly medium sized. Sufficient body volume. Slightly long in loin. Sufficient bone substance. Normal rear and front angulations . Strong head, could have slightly stronger muzzle. Medium sized ears, could be better carried. Good eyes. Could have more pigmentation. Short coat, could be slightly coarser. Good tan markings. Normal  movement, but likes dancing around. Scissor Bite. Full dentition."
Excellent - V2 Intermediate Bitch.                     Judge: Carina Ranne (Finland)

"Small to medium 14 month old bitch. Very typey. Good angulation. Good proportion. Good top and bottom line. Nicely proportioned head. Ears slightly heavy and could lie closer to cheeks. Eyes dark, could be slightly more almond shaped. Markings good. Mouth pigmentation good except for pink in corners. Moves well. Scissor bite. Full dentition. Lively, attentive."
Very Promising.      "Junior in Show"         Judge: Ms Susan Rademacher (USA) (Feb '00)

Ella's Critique at 9 months:
"Very well proportioned energetic bitch. Beautiful head shape and muzzle. Medium to large ears, well set & carried slightly wide. Brown eyes. Muscular neck. Good chest depth. Good topline and underline. Well placed fore and hind legs. Toes slightly splayed. Adequate rear angulation. A good mover with good rear drive and front reach. Scissor Bite."
Very Promising.             "Puppy in Show"      Judge: Mr Chris Pretorius (South Africa) (Oct '99)



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