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Multi V Rated Rakaaz Kiss This CD

Multi Class In Specialty Show winner, Multi V rated
Call name: Pasher

Born 3/5/06
Hips 2:1  Elbows R1/L1
DNA Profiled, Breed Survey pass (judge Uwe Petermann ADRK)
Delta Canine Good Citizen
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Pasher has started his obedience career, gaining his Community Companion Dog (CCD) title in December 2008.

Pictured below: September 2009 
photos courtesy of Kate Metcalfe

Specialty Results:

  • June 2009 - V4 Australian Bred Dog RCSA Champ Show Judge: Kate Pinches (Greece)
  • April 2009 - V2 Australian Bred Dog NDRC Champ Show. Judge: Carsten Henriksen - Denmark
  • April 2009 - V1 & Australian Bred In Show, Reserve Challenge Dog 19th Rottweiler National Champ Show hosted by the RCNSW Judge: Helmut Weiler (ADRK)
  • August 2008 - V2 Intermediate Dog 18th Rottweiler National Champ Show hosted by the RCQ Judge: Gergana Atanassova - Belgium
  • June 2008 - V6 Intermediate Dog RCSA Champ Show Judge: Gabor Haas (Hungary)
  • March 2008 - V2 Intermediate Dog RCV Champ Show Judge: Elena Kholevina (Russia)
  • November 2007 - SG1 & Junior in Show RCV Champ Show Judge: Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium)
  • October 2007 - V2 Junior Dog RCNSW Champ Show Judge: Willem Peters - Netherlands
  • September 2007 - SG8 Junior Dog NDRC Champ Show Judge: Mike Jackman - Canada
  • June 2007 - SG6 Junior Dog 17th Rottweiler National Champ Show Judge: Anita Whitmarsh - Sweden
  • April 2007 - VP1 Puppy Dog NDRC Champ Show. Judge: Steve Wolfson - USA
  • April 2007 - VP1 Puppy Dog RCNSW Champ Show. Judge: Herr Edgar Hellmann - ADRK
  • March 2007 - VP1 Puppy Dog & Puppy in Show RCV Champ Show. Judge: Herr Helmut Weiler - ADRK
  • November 2006 - VP4 Minor Puppy Dog RCV Champ Show. Judge: Tommie Bezuidenhout - South Africa
  • September 2006 - VP1 Baby Puppy Dog RCNSW Champ Show. Judge: Chantal Delafontaine - Belgium
  • September 2006 - VP1 Baby Puppy Dog NDRC Champ Show. Judge: Hetje Lashley-Harmsma - Netherlands

Pasher is the leader at the end of the Point Score Shows for the Rottweiler Club of Victoria, making him the RCV Young Rottweiler of The Year for 2007. A fantastic result, particularly as he won his class in show at the two specialty shows that accrued points towards this. Go Pasher!!! This boy is an absolute delight to have bred and to live with.

pictured at RCV champ show November 2007 where he was Junior In Show.
Photo courtesy of Rivid Photography

Pasher has excellent drive and willingness to work he is a pleasure to show and train.
November 2008 passes his breed survey under ADRK judge Uwe Petermann.


Pasher V2 Intermediate Dog at the Rottweiler National in Queensland August 2008
Judge: Gergana 
Atanassova - Belgium

Pasher at 18 months
Photo courtesy of Tracey Finn

Pictured below at 11 months
Pasher at 10 months

aged 11 months
Pasher at 4.5 months

  Pasher 4.5 months
April  2009 :"2 years 11 months. Scissor bite. Medium sized. Very well built. Very good angulation. Strong very well shaped head. Medium size ears correctly carried. Very good stop and cheek bones. Medium brown eyes. Strong muzzle. Dark mouth pigmentation. Short strong nect. Very well developed  chest. Correctly angulated. Straight back, correct croup. Correctly carried tail. Slightly light markings. Very good movement."
V1 - Australian Bred Dog & Reserve Challenge Dog at the 19th Rottweiler National                        Judge: Herr Helmut Weiler (Germany)

April  2007 :"11 month old male. Very good in type. Excellent expression. Strong focus. Complete dentition scissor bite. Very good head type with good skull to muzzle ratio. Excellent ear set well placed and carried. Could use darker eye colour, almond shaped and tight fitting lids. Correct short masculine muzzle with good power in the width and depth. Very good gum pigmentation. Excellent masculine neck, well placed in shoulders. Very good bone substance. Could use more shoulder layback. Good chest in depth and width, elbows well placed to ribs, stands correct in front. Excellent pasterns. Excellent shape of toes with good knuckling, tight fitting. Excellent coat tight fitting to body. Markings could be richer in colour. Very good top and bottom line. Good length of back. Good croup. Medium rear angulation stands correct in rear. Good coming and going. Excellent harmonious side gait, good reach and drive."
VP1 - Puppy Dog                         Judge: Steve Wolfson (USA)

April  2007 :"10 1/2 months, compact and harmonic, very well built, typical rottweiler head, medium brown eyes, short muzzle, dark mouth pigmentation, straight in front. When standing a slightly loose back, good angulation, coat is very well looked after, markings are clearly defined. Very good movement.."
VP1 - Puppy Dog                         Judge: 
Herr Edgar Hellmann (ADRK)

March 2007 (10 months) : "Excellent overall expression. Very good bones. Head with much expression. Ears medium size, correct. Stop and cheek bones very good. Brown eyes. Strong, wide muzzle. Short, strong neck. Excellent chest proportions. Very good angulations. Straight back. Correct croup. Very good tail. Very good coat. Slightly light markings. Free and far reaching gait."
VP1 - Puppy Dog & Puppy In Show.                        Judge: Herr Helmut Weiler (ADRK)

November 2006 : "6 months old. Medium in size. Very attentive and alert. Very well built with very good substance and bone structure. Correct in body length. Strong and powerful head with slight wrinkles on the head. Broad muzzle and very good stop. Ears large in size, correctly placed and well carried. Eyes medium to dark brown. Almond shaped. Tight flues with very dark lip and gum pigmentation. Strong powerful neck. Very well developed front end. Strong pasterns and well knucklet feet. Correct topline and crop. Correct tail and correctly carried. Well developed rear end with powerful thighs. Very good rear angulation. Correct coat, well defined markings, slightly smudged on front feet. Fluent in movement, very good reach and drive. Dentition complete."
VP4 - Minor Puppy Dog.                        Judge: Tommie Bezuidenhout (South Africa)

Pedigree of: Rakaaz Kiss This
V Rated
Rakaaz Hunter
NRCA & Dual Ch (T) Goodiesway Basko (A) (AI) CDX ET TSD
Intl Ch Gil Crni Lotos Ch Beni IPO 1
Bessy Von Haus Krammer IPO 1
Ch Ormslee Elite Empress (AI) Ch Ironwoods Cade CD CGC
Ormslee Yasu
Multi V Rated Aust Ch Rakaaz Nara Finesse (A) ET
Aust Ch Westobri Dufro Naru Ch Beaverbrook Duke V Boss Imp USA
Ch Westobri Kriba Fronnie (A)
NRCA & Dual Ch (T) Jahzorn Brilliant N Blue (A) CDX Aust Ch Khingsahl Lord Dasko
Aust Ch Jagen Out Of The Blue
Multi V1 NRCA & Aust Dual Ch (T) Rakaaz Nara Flynn (A) CD ET
Aust Ch Westobri Dufro Naru
Ch Beaverbrook Duke V Boss Imp USA Am Ch Boss of Hales Hollow CD
Am Ch Beaverbrook Jerrin V Bruin
Ch Westobri Kriba Fronnie (A) Aust Ch Heimgardes Baron Von Smutley
Aust Ch Saarlund Quanabie Mist
Dual Ch (T) Jahzorn Brilliant N Blue (A) CDX
Aust Ch Khingsahl Lord Dasko Aust Ch Heimgardes Baron Von Smutley
Tashunka Zola
Aust Ch Jagen Out Of The Blue Eng Ch Poirot Wham
Anushka Von Alt Mengenich SCH H1

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